Disney movie sequels you didn’t know existed

Let’s be honest; we’re totally obsessed with all things Disney. Yep, give us a lifetime supply of popcorn, Ben & Jerry’s and Disney movies, and we’ll be set (we’re not kidding). Nowadays, Disney is known for its incredible animated fairy tales and original stories, as well as its newfound love for live-action cinematic masterpieces – and we’re living for it. Throughout history, there have been a few movies that have remained insanely popular. There’s Beauty & The Beast, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Frozen, Moana and more. However, there have also been Disney movie sequels that have been released direct-to-video, that you didn’t even know existed…

The Lion King 1 ½

The Lion King is one of our favorite Disney movies, hands down. With epic songs, cool characters and an emotional storyline, we were actually pretty happy to hear that Disney were creating The Lion King sequel, Simba’s Pride. But we’re not talking about THAT sequel. Nope, we’re talking about The Lion King 1 ½. This movie was released as a middle-man between the original movie and Simba’s Pride and follows the life of Timon and Pumba. How have we not heard of this before?!

Disney movie sequels you didn’t know existed

Cinderella II

We all know the story of Cinderella, and know that the lowly-servant-girl-turned-princess lived happily ever after with her prince and savior – the end, right? Well, not quite. Disney actually released a sequel to the hugely popular Cinderella movie, called (very creatively), Cinderella II. This movie takes place shortly after the original movie and is told through the eyes of the hilarious mice, Gus and Jacques.

The Jungle Book 2

The Jungle Book is one of the incredible animated movies Disney decided to transform into a live-action remake – and it’s safe to say that both are just as good as each other. But did you know there was a Jungle Book sequel? Called The Jungle Book 2, this animated movie was released in 2003 and featured many of the voices from the original movie, but didn’t prove as successful as the original.

An Extremely Goofy Movie

If you’re a fan of Goofy (who isn’t), you’ve probably watched the impressive A Goofy Movie. This film proved highly popular when it was first released, and Disney tried to carry on the fame when they released its sequel – An Extremely Goofy Movie. Following the life of Goofy and Max, as they try their hands at college. However, few people know it exists.

Aladdin: The Return of Jafar

Aladdin has wowed viewers for decades, and we all fell in love with the movie when it was released in 1992. After the success of the original, Disney tried to jump on the bandwagon and release a spin-off movie, dedicated to the evil villain, Jafar. The movie, entitled The Return of Jafar, was largely rejected by critics, who just couldn’t strike a cord with it.

Disney movie sequels you didn’t know existed

Peter Pan: Return to Neverland

Peter Pan was our ultimate Disney go-to when we were growing up, and we loved nothing more than dreaming of Neverland and being a Lost Boy. But did you know there was a sequel? Yuh-huh, Disney created Return to Neverland to follow the life of Wendy and Peter as adults and allows us to be introduced to Wendy’s daughter, Jane. Wendy has a daughter? Man, we feel old.

Even if you’re a Disney fanatic, you might not have heard of these Disney sequels. So, take the day off, download these beauties and feast your eyes on these glorious productions.