The best Rick and Morty episodes

Created by Justin Poiland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network, Rick and Morty is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom. Its plot follows the misadventures of Rick Sanchez, a cynical scientist, along his grandson Morty Smith. The series follows their lives with the family and adventures across various dimensions.

Rick and Morty has gained quite a following since it premiered in December 2013. There has been many episodes that have ranked highly with viewers, and we’ll look at the best of them below.

Rick and Morty

Pickle Rick ( Season 3 Episode 3)

Many people would do crazy things to avoid family obligations that they would rather avoid. Not to the extent of Rick anyway, who decides turning himself into a pickle was way better than attending a session of therapy with his family. He plans to change himself back to human form once the family has left for therapy, but Beth takes away the syringe that would have made the transformation. He’s therefore trapped as a vegetable and the experiences he goes through as a pickle makes him wish he hadn’t tried so hard to get away. The multitude of memes that fans derived from this episode alone is testimony to how much of a fan favorite it is.

The Wedding Squanchers (Season 2 Episode 10)

In this emotionally charged episode, Rick offers himself up in order to protect his family. The episode begins cheerfully enough with the family attending the wedding of one of Rick’s alien friends. At the moment, the Smith family is living on an alien planet due to occupation on earth. The Galactic Federation discovers Rick and everything goes awry.

Rixty Minutes (Season 1 Episode 8)

On Rixty Minutes, Rick gets bored of what’s offered on TV and decides to give the family a little variety. The scientist installs interdimensional cable that enables them to watch shows across different universes. So, basically, this episode is all about Rick and the Smith family watching TV. The other dimensional TV experience turns out to be pretty bad, and viewers get to enjoy several bizarre clips that the Smith family is watching. There are many characters in these clips that viewers immediately take to, such as Two Brothers and Ants in my Eyes Johnson.

Total Rickall (Season 2 Episode 4)

The show advances its crazy hilarity with this episode where many popular characters are introduced. The chaos involving Mr. Poopybutthole, Cousin Nicky, Pensylvester along other wacky characters gave viewers an extraordinary treat.

The best Rick and Morty episodes

Morty’s Mind Blowers (Season 3 Episode 8)

Morty asks Rick to take away some memories that have been troubling him, and the two come across memories that had been removed from Morty’s mind. The episode is made up of various clips like those of Rixty Minutes, only this time there’s more weight behind them. They’re also brilliant enough to have made stand alone episodes, which shows just how much the show is inexhaustible.
Rick and Morty still has several episodes and seasons planned, so fans can be sure there are many more great episodes coming their way.