5 reasons why Rick and Morty is so brilliant

We don’t know when it happened, but it became cool to like cartoons as an adult. Animations like The Simpsons and Family Guy have taken the medium and turned it into something that can be appreciated by anyone, no matter their age. It’s thanks to them that we have amazing shows like Rick and Morty now dominating our screens. We’re not sure what we’d do without this series, and there are some excellent reasons why!

It’s dark… and hilarious

Adult-oriented cartoons have a habit of playing with dark themes. However, none have gone the distance quite like Rick and Morty. They served us some incredibly dark moments, including when the protagonists had to bury alternate versions of themselves. Fortunately, the series always manages to find the right balance of humor to prevent the show from going overboard. How many other programs can merge these two things together so seamlessly?

5 reasons why Rick and Morty is so brilliant

Funny, funny, funny

Speaking of the humor, have you heard some of the jokes on this show? When it comes to animations, it’s usually the jokes that make or break them, and Rick and Morty certainly thrives with its humor. It’s more intelligent than you might find on a program like American Dad!, but that doesn’t put it at a disadvantage. The jokes aren’t so clever that they put viewers off, but they’re smart enough to set the show apart from others in the genre.

Unforgettable stories

Whether you understand what’s going in Rick and Morty or not, you can’t call the show boring. It spends so much of the time playing outside of the box that it barely stops to catch its breath. The positive of this is that nearly every episode of the show is unforgettable. Usually, it’s because the plots are incredibly out there, but they’re memorable nonetheless.

It gets philosophical

No-one wants to be lectured when they watch TV, but that doesn’t mean a popular TV show can’t be educational. There are many instances in Rick and Morty where one of the characters gets all philosophical because of what’s happening in the story. The series has a habit of digging deep and starting discussions you’d never expect to come from a cartoon. However, that’s all just part of its charm!

5 reasons why Rick and Morty is so brilliant

There’s a beating heart

All of this ties into the fact that Rick and Morty feels like such a genuine show. Yes, it’s a cartoon about a man who takes his grandson on adventures to different planets and realities, but it comes across as more believable than you might think. Why? It’s probably because all of the characters feel fleshed out and real. You can identify with each and every one, and imagine them existing in the real world. They might be a bit more like caricatures in the program, but that doesn’t mean they don’t actually exist.

With Rick and Morty now confirmed for at least 70 more episodes, it’ll be a while before we lose this show from our screens. If the news seasons are as great as the ones we’ve had already, the next few years are going to be amazing!