Super facts about Jessica Jones

Marvel aren’t exactly renowned for having a ton of female superheroes in movies or TV shows, so people were buzzing when Netflix announced that they would be bringing Jessica Jones to the small screen. Season 1 premiered in November 2015 and was hastily binge-watched by Marvel fans. However, once all 13 episodes were successfully binged (we did it in a day), fans had to wait quite a while before the second series. Finally, however, Season 2 is upon us! To celebrate the release of Season 2 of Jessica Jones, here are some super facts about our favorite female hero.

Jessica Jones was nearly Spider-Woman

Before Jessica Jones became a Netflix smash hit, the character was developed for the comic book series named Alias. However, she wasn’t always going to be the crime-fighting superheroine-come-private investigator that we know and love now. Co-creator of the comic book, Brian Michael Bendis, was originally going to make the female character Jessica Drew – also known as Spider-Woman. Interestingly, Jessica Jones was the first character created for the comic book series, Alias, by MAX Comics; a part of the Marvel brand. Back in 2001, Brian Michael Bendis created the character, and artist Michael Gaydos brought her to life. Knowing that Marvel was going to allow MAX Comics to be less PG-13, they turned Jessica Jones into the rough around the edges superhero that she is today.

Peter Parker love

Who knew that Jessica Jones had so many links to Spider-Man?! According to the comic books, Jessica Jones and Peter Parker attended the same high school when they were growing up. After both losing their families in tragic accidents, the pair had a special connection which led to Jessica Jones falling a little bit in love with Peter Parker. After he became Spider-Man, Jones witnessed him save the school from the Sandman which actually inspired her to use her own superpowers for good. However, she didn’t know that Spider-Man and her crush, Peter Parker, were the same person.

ABC passed it up

Back in December 2010, a showrunner named Melissa Rosenberg pitched her idea for a new series to the network ABC. During the pilot, which was called A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Rosenberg referenced the Marvel Cinematic Universe in all of its glory, including Tony Stark (Iron Man), and Stark Industries. ABC execs weren’t too keen on the idea, so passed up on the script in 2012. When Netflix and Marvel partnered up in 2013, they brought in Melissa Rosenberg to write, develop and produce the new version of Jessica Jones. It looks like her time wasn’t wasted after all! ABC are probably kicking themselves now, too.

Jessica Jones is married

Everyone who has watched Jessica Jones knows that she and Luke Cage have an undeniable connection. We see them kind of hook up in the first series, but if you’re a comic book fan, then you’ll know that these two eventually get married. After Jessica Jones marries Cage, she joins the New Avengers and decides to change her superhero name to fit in better with her new beau. Unfortunately, Power Woman doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Jessica Jones. Plenty happens between Cage and Jones, but we don’t want to give too much away, so you’ll just have to keep watching to find out if their love lasts…

If you haven’t already binge-watched the second series of Jessica Jones, what are you waiting for?! These facts should get you fully pumped to get through the next 13 hours of superhero goodness… AKA Jessica Jones.