Reboots that are also sequels

In the movie world nowadays it seems as though there is a seemingly relentless stream of remakes and sequels that are constantly being released. It doesn’t seem like we can go a month without some sort of remake or sequel coming out. And, sometimes we even get the most unique of reboot combinations – movies that are remakes, but also sequels as well.

The reboot-sequel trend is a fairly recent one, and a trend that often involves placing an actor from the original flick in a cameo appearance in the remake, for the purposes of verisimilitude. An example of this comes in the recent Flatliners remake, where Kiefer Sutherland, who starred in the original movie, pops up in the same role. Here are a few of the better reboot-sequel attempts:

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

One of the most successful (and awesome) of the modern slew of reboot-sequels, Fury Road is a breathtaking movie. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, much like the originals, the movie follows Tom Hardy as the titular Max, who finds himself reluctantly helping a group of women as they flee across the desert in search of paradise. The movie takes the bold step of relegating Max to a supporting character – it’s really all about Imperator Furiosa and her journey to find the promised land – and it works brilliantly.

Reboots that are also sequels

Evil Dead (2013)

Now, this was actually a surprisingly good movie, but the Evil Dead link is what put a lot of people off. They could probably have changed the title, and removed references to the original, and the movie would have been better received. The movie does seem like a whole new entity, and an underrated one at the, but a post-credits cameo from Bruce Campbell (star of the original) puts this firmly in the reboot-sequel territory.

The Thing (2011)

Some movies just shouldn’t be remade, and John Carpenter’s The Thing is one. Not least because that movie was a remake of the ‘50s flicks The Thing From Outer Space. This 2011 entry is more like a reboot-prequel (yet another recent craze), but it’s actually not as bad as we were originally fearing. Also, the link to the John Carpenter original is fairly creative – with the last scene of this flick mirroring the first of the original.

Star Trek (2009)

One of the most intelligent and enjoyable entries on our list, this reboot-sequel was helmed by sci-fi geek JJ Abrams. The movie expertly tackles the older movies and characters, and blends them well with the newer version. Alternate reality is the way they do things here, and it works wonderfully well. This is one of the better ways of making a reboot-sequel, and it’s a film we recommend everyone to watch.

Reboots that are also sequels

These are some of the best examples of remakes that are also sequels. Often, the formula doesn’t work so well, but, when it does, it can be hugely effective. These are among the best of these reboot-sequels to have been released, and we think they are definitely worth a look over other movies of a similar ilk.