The best superhero shows on TV

Although being a human is pretty cool, there’s still a part of us that wishes we were a superhero. Sure, our moms wanted us to grow out of this phase as we got older, but it’s still here… alive and kicking. Yep, if we could we would be able to fly from our homes to work, we would be able to turn invisible on command, we’d be able to read minds, and we’d even be able to move things without touching them. Ahhhh, that’s the dream! Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case for us, and we have to resign to the fact that we will just have to watch superheroes instead. At least there are some pretty cool superhero shows on TV, right?

The Flash

No, that cool little dude from The Incredibles hasn’t been given his own show – but we would totally tune in to watch that. Instead, The Flash follows the life of Barry Allen as he goes about his life. After losing both of his parents at an early age and finding himself in a coma after a tragic accident, Barry soon realizes that he has been gifted with an incredible gift. The gift of superspeed! However, Barry isn’t the only one who has been gifted with this unique and speedy ability, but he soon realizes that his fellow speedsters haven’t been using their powers for good…


We love a superhero who lives a normal life during the day, and completely transforms at night, and Daredevil is one of them! Known to his friends and family as Matt Murdock, this guy spends his days working as an attorney and abiding by the law to the best of his ability. Yet, as the sun sets and he becomes Daredevil with his heightened senses and his superpowers, Matt decides to take the law into his own hands and save the people of his neighborhood one bad guy at a time. He knows just how to defeat them.

Luke Cage

If you’re just as obsessed with Netflix as we are, there’s a high chance that you’ve already watched Luke Cage. This series follows the life of Luke Cage as he goes about his daily life after his time with The Defenders (more on that one later). With an incredibly strong and impenetrable skin and super strength, fitting back into normal society doesn’t come naturally to Luke. Before too long, he finds himself back in his old stomping ground and getting up to his old tricks as he battles for the people and the places within his precious city.

Jessica Jones

Kids, beware… Because Jessica Jones is not for the fainthearted. Unlike many of the other superheroes on this list, Jessica Jones does everything she can to stay away from the life of crime and saving the world. As she retires from superhero work with post-traumatic stress disorder, Jessica decides to spend her time wisely. So, she opens up her own private detective agency! However, Jessica soon finds herself working on cases related to superheroes, and she just can’t seem to escape her old life.

The Defenders

We love it when a group of superheroes come together, and The Defenders is no different. This show incorporates the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist as they go about their daily lives trying to save the world from evil villains. As they form one epic superhero team, they expect that their missions will be completed with ease – but that just isn’t the case. More superheroes always equals more trouble, and The Defenders are not short on trouble.

If you’re looking for a brand new show to watch, there’s only one thing for it; superheroes! Thankfully, there are countless superhero shows to look out for when you next click on your television…