Actors who didn’t start their careers until after 30

Perhaps you have always had dreams of reaching the heights of Hollywood, but worry that your goals might be slipping further and further away? Have no fear; the glitz and glamor aren’t just for the youngins anymore. No, these actors got a late start on their careers at over 30, and have proved to the world how you’re never too old to achieve your dreams.

Bryan Cranston

Let’s be honest, Malcolm in the Middle would have been nothing without the loveable Hal there to spur us on. Landing the part was the first major TV role, but would you believe he was 44 years old? Yup, Bryan started his hit Hollywood career as he was closer to 50 than ever and has gone on to dominate the world of acting. From there it was onwards and upwards thanks to his starring role in Breaking Bad, and we couldn’t imagine the show any other way.

Sylvester Stallone

Most Rocky fans will know that Sylvester is the typical Hollywood story. A struggling actor who’s barely making it through each week that suddenly lands their big break. And what bigger break is there than creating *the* franchise of the ‘70s? However, what many people don’t know is Sylvester was 30 years old when he spent three days writing the script for the movie. Thankfully, the production company lapped it up and assigned the actor the starring role.

Sylvester Stallone

Kathy Bates

Sure, this actress had been floating around Hollywood for a number of years, but Kathy was never able to get that leading role she dreamt of. That all changed when she was called back for the part of Annie Wilkes in Stephen King’s Misery. The film won Kathy a Golden Globe and Oscar, as well as her place on the red carpet – all at 43 years old. Now, Kathy has starred in productions such as American Horror Story, Disjointed, and Titanic to name a few.

Tim Allen

Home Improvement was one of the biggest sitcoms of the 1990s. The star of the show, Tim Allen, was one of the most talked about people in Hollywood, and the role saw him land various movies in the next few years. But would you believe he was 38 years old when he first made Tim “The Toolman” Taylor his own? Yup, those grunts were coming from an actor close to 40 who was only just beginning his career.

Judi Dench

Judi has proven how you’re never too old to make your dreams come true. The actress had been performing on stage in Britain for many years, but she broke into Hollywood thanks to her movie role in GoldenEye. Her age? 61 years old. Oh yes, this silver vixen took to Hollywood like a duck to water and has gone on to star in a number of further James Bond movies amongst other work. Is there anything this star can’t do?

Judi Dench

Morgan Freeman

It’s hard to imagine a world where we haven’t got the legend that is Morgan Freeman. Who else could ever step up with such a calming voice? No one, that’s who. However, we missed out on years with Morgan Freeman by our side as it wasn’t until he starred in Driving Miss Daisy as Hoke Colburn that the actor became a household name. Morgan was in his prime as the actor was 52 years old at the time, but that hasn’t stopped him from starring in some major hits over the years.

It might be easy to think your life is set to go a certain way once you reach a certain age, but these actors prove there is always time to reach the heights of stardom, no matter how old you are. Sure, they might have got a late start on their careers at over 30, but Hollywood would never be the same without them!