Who would win if Marvel and DC got in a fight?

A fight between Marvel and DC would probably be the most epic battle in the history of comics. The only question is, who would win? This has been a big debate among comic lovers around the world. Marvel and DC fans have constantly been at war concerning this issue, so let’s take a closer look.


To begin, we are going to look at two of the strongest heroes in both DC and Marvel. DC has Superman while Marvel has the Hulk. A battle between these two would be destructive. The Hulk, the big green monster, is very strong, and the angrier you get him, the stronger he becomes. He can jump to impressive heights and has unlimited strength.

Who would win if Marvel and DC got in a fight?

Superman is very powerful and strong as well. He has the ability to run and fly at very high speeds and can shoot beams off his eyes. He is basically indestructible, as long as he’s not confronted by kryptonite. A fight between Superman and the Hulk would be closely matched, but the winner would ultimately have to be Superman. His speed, flight, and eye beams give him an edge.


In terms of speed, DC has The Flash while Marvel has Quicksilver. The Flash is truly the fastest man alive. Quicksilver is really no match for someone who can alter reality, heal very fast, make his own duplicates, and go back in time. The Flash, though underestimated, is one of DC’s most powerful heroes.


In terms of technology, DC has Batman, the owner of Wayne industries, LexCorp, and it can get a little help from Star Labs. Marvel has Tony Stark, Reed Richards, The Wakanda people who possess vibranium, it and can get some help from The Shield. For this one, Marvel wins. They have enough technological resources to take down DC.


Both Marvel and DC have their own gods. Marvel has Thor, while DC has Wonder Woman. Thor currently wields a new hammer that goes by the name Stormbreaker and is capable of summoning the Bifrosts. This, combined with his other powers such as flight and being able to control the weather, makes him quite powerful. Wonder Woman, however, is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe and is a good match for Thor. Wonder Woman has warrior fighting skills, possesses the laser of truth, and is very strong as well. Both these characters have physical resistance and invulnerability. However, The God of Thunder will win here. His god-like powers are just too much for Wonder Woman.

Who would win if Marvel and DC got in a fight?

Water power

If there is a battle in the ocean, DC has Aquaman while Marvel has Namor. Here, Aquaman wins easily. He has the ability to control water and all the creatures within. He also has healing capabilities and resistance. The Trident of Neptune gives him even more powers such as teleportation, the ability to control the weather, and the ability to generate lightning blasts from it. The trident is also known to be able to pierce anything and anyone.

So in conclusion, if there was to be a fight between DC and Marvel, DC would ultimately win.