All you wanted to know about the “Arrowverse”

Netflix has changed the way we watch TV shows, and the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with renewed interest in comic books has led to a rise in comic book and superhero shows and movies. There are more than ever before, and there’s bound to be some kind of show or movie that interests you. If you have been following superhero shows on the CW network, you might be familiar with the Arrowverse.

This is best realized as the universe in which all the CW shows take place. It started with Arrow, a TV show centered around Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow, and his vigilante crusade to fight crime in Starling City. The show first aired in 2012, and has recently begun airing its sixth season. There have been other shows released in the same universe too, including The Flash, Vixen, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Here is everything you wanted to know about the Arrowverse.

There are plans for a Supergirl crossover

Supergirl is a show on CBS that has been flying around (pun intended) since 2015. Though the show airs on CBS, not CW, it was created by the same guys who created The Flash and Arrow, so there is a definite link there. In fact, the success of Supergirl has led to increased speculation about a potential crossover. And some of the characters from the CW shows made an appearance on Supergirl last year. Supergirl recently moved to CW, so expect plenty more crossovers and guest appearances in the future.

It may feature other major superheroes

There are also plenty of superheroes within the Arrowverse that you never knew were. Some of these are mentioned by name, and others are alluded to more subtly. For instance, there was an easter egg in a recent episode of The Flash where Wonder Woman’s name ‘Diana’ was featured on a speed dial system. This has fueled speculation she might exist in the universe, and could even make an appearance in one of the shows. There have been numerous references to other superheroes too, including Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Harley Quinn.

There are some fun pop-culture nods

Most superhero shows or movies translate well to whatever era they’re based in, and this brings with it the opportunity for plenty of pop culture jokes and references. You also get the ‘fish out of water’ effect, which always goes down well. In the Arrowverse there are plenty of these too, such as in Legends of Tomorrow, when the crew meets people like George Lucas and J.R.R. Tolkien. These are fun nods, and a cool way of keeping the show grounded in whatever time period it is based.

Villains in masks

We have noticed an interesting quirk, that all the villains from the Arrowverse shows are seen donning masks. This is often to do with heightening mystery, making them scarier, and the fact that masks look cool as well. The shows devote a lot of time to trying to uncover who the masked villain is – with varying degrees of success. For instance, it worked wonderfully well with Chronos, but not so much with Reverse Flash.

The Arrowverse continues to make successful shows and is showing no sign of slowing down with the superhero content. Now that Supergirl has moved networks, and joined the club, we will no doubt be seeing plenty more seasons of these shows renewed. Keep your eyes peeled for other superheroes making their way into the Arrowverse.