The strangest James Bond villains in history

The production of Bond 25 is well and truly underway. Although there has been no confirmation on the official title yet, we have instead been treated to some other exciting news surrounding its 2020 release – Daniel Craig is back for his final film as 007, and Bond 25 will see him forced out of his Jamaican retirement to face the wrath of an evil tech-wizard. And who’s playing this villain? Only Oscar-winner Rami Malek.

The notorious James Bond villain has seen some incredible characters since the franchise’s first film Dr. No in 1962. In fact, we’ve seen the good, a bit of the bad, and certainly some downright ugly. Bond has gone up against some truly bizarre and seriously creepy bad guys over the years, and in celebration of Bond 25’s release next year, here’s four of the strangest villains that we love the most.

May Day

What film? ‘A View To Kill’
Played by? Grace Jones

‘A View To Kill’ was Roger Moore’s last outing as Bond, and a lot was riding was on the film. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as well received as his previous films (Octopussy, The Man With The Golden Gun). However, the villains didn’t disappoint! Playing the sidekick to bad guy Max Zorin was the eccentric singer and model Grace Jones, and she was a wonderfully weird choice for the role as May Day entertaining us with her super strength, domineering female presence, and weird high-fashion. There’s no doubt Lady Gaga has taken inspiration from her wardrobe over the years.

May Day


What film? The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker
Played by? Richard Kiel

Jaws may well be the most beloved Bond villain to date, with Richard Kiel playing the brilliant part of the metal-mouth baddie. His physical appearance is genuinely terrifying, with an unstoppable savage strength and steel-capped teeth to sink into his victims. Jaws was so well received by audiences at the screen test of The Spy Who Loved Me that producers decided not to boot his character off like planned, and instead bought him back for the next installment Moonraker.


What film? You Only Live Twice
Played by? Donald Pleasence

After original cast member Jan Werich dropped out from the role at last minute, Donald Pleasence took over, and boy was it a blessing in disguise. His performance is the most iconic of them all, being parodied numerously over the years ever since (perhaps the most obvious was Austin Powers Dr. Evil). Blofield is freakily frightening, with an understated presence on screen through his strange soft voice that still sends shivers through our spines.


Raoul Silva

What film? Skyfall
Played by? Javier Bardem

Believe it or not, but behind the prosthetics and CGI of 2012’s Bond villain Javier Bardem, there actually lies a dashingly handsome man. Not only was his appearance transformed, but Javier played an exceptional part as the bizarre terrorist Raoul. He’s wickedly charming, with golden hair and dressed in loud clothes, and he has a strange promiscuousness that likes to flamboyantly and viciously toy with his victims. He’s definitely not one to get on the wrong side of.

Although they are twisted and blood-thirsty villains looking to take over the world, we can’t help but have a little soft spot for some of 007’s most memorable enemies. These baddies listed here will go down in history as pop-culture icons alongside Bond himself. So if you haven’t already seen these characters grace the screen, get watching some of these classics.