First look at the new Wonder Woman movie

Did you expect Wonder Woman to be as great as it was? The 2017 film revival defied expectations, making it one of the most successful superhero films in the United States (and there’s been plenty of them now). Naturally, as with any popular franchise, a new release is in the works to cash in on the first film’s success. Although we have over a year until it debuts, here’s what we know about it so far.

The basics

There’s a big jump forward in time with this sequel. While the first one was set around the First World War, the sequel takes place in the ‘80s. That’s likely why the film is titled “Wonder Woman 1984.” Little is known about the plot at the moment, but the timeframe places the character at the height of the Cold War.

When can you expect to see the film on the big screen? It currently has a release date of November 1, 2019. As we’re probably all aware, nothing is truly set in stone this early on, and that date is liable to change. In fact, it already has, because it was first slated for a December 13, 2019 release.

New and old reunite

It wouldn’t be a great sequel if the protagonist suddenly looked a little different. Luckily for fans, Gal Gadot isn’t going anywhere. She’d originally signed up for three feature films with the studio, with her appearance in superhero film “Justice League” set to be her last. However, her contract has now been extended. Therefore, the chance of even more Wonder Woman films after this one is definitely a possibility

As well as the lead character, the director of the first film – Patty Jenkins – will also be back for the sequel. Jenkins is partly responsible for production and screenplay, on top of her directorial duties, which is a step up from the first film.

Also returning to the franchise is Chris Pine, who portrayed Steve Trevor in the original film. Given the time difference between the first and second film, we don’t know in what capacity he’ll be returning. Could he be there for flashbacks, or might he be the son of his original character? Whatever the explanation, you can expect to see him next year, as well as Kristen Wiig. The comedic actress will be taking on the role of this film’s antagonist. Speaking of which…

Who’s the bad guy?

The sequel’s antagonist is the Cheetah. Up until now, she’s featured in the DC comics, animated films and TV shows, and video games, but never in a live-action release. Wonder Woman 1984 will star the Barbara Ann Minerva iteration of the character, a British archaeologist who ends up at the center of a ritual that transforms her into the Cheetah.

Any chance of cameos?

These superhero films love their cameos, don’t they? Just look at Avengers: Infinity War, that had basically everyone in the Marvel universe you could think of. With the DC series including big names like Batman and Superman in their arsenal, is there a chance they could appear in “Wonder Woman 1984?” Never say never, although we probably won’t know for sure until release day. These characters aren’t going to have a significant impact on the plot, so the studio would want to keep their feature quiet as a surprise for fans.

Extra details

A few other details have emerged about “Wonder Woman 1984.” One of these is the fact that the protagonist will have a new love interest and that the romantic storyline will be just as epic as last time. Moreover, Pedro Pascal of “Game of Thrones” fame has also been cast in a currently undisclosed role for the sequel. Could there be a connection between these two things?

The closer we get to the November 2019, the more we’ll know about the sequel. For now, though, we’ve already got plenty to sink our teeth into. Time to start counting down the days.