The evolution of superhero costumes

If you’re a wannabe superhero, there’s a high chance that your wannabe superhero costumes have changed over the years. When you were a kid, your mom or dad may have bought you the real dress-up super suit that you wore all day erry’day. When you were a teenager and trying to convince your mom that you had grown out of all that superhero ‘stuff’ you probably just floated around your bedroom with a blanket cape on your shoulders, and now you’re an adult you may be cosplaying to your heart’s delight. But what about the real superheroes? How much have their costumes changed over the years?

The Hulk

Although we know that The Hulk/Bruce Banner is played by Mark Ruffalo, it’s fair to say that he’s sometimes pretty unrecognizable when he starts screaming “HULK SMAAAAASH.” That’s because today’s Hulk is a combination of real-life acting by Ruffalo himself and the powers of CGI. Yet, when the Hulk first came onto our screens in 1978, he looked a little different. Although he had the muscles, the believability just wasn’t there. After all, you could totally tell that this character was just an actor painted in green body paint with a little added extra hair on his brows.

The evolution of superhero costumes


Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine Thor as anyone other than the awesome Hemsworth brother, Chris Hemsworth. With his luscious blond locks and his Nordic ways, he is the epitome of a mythical God – because we can’t actually believe someone like that exists in real life! However, it’s fair to say that Thor’s costumes have changed over the years. In 1978, Thor rocked a very similar set of armor for his movie debut, but this one had a little added addition of furry shoulder pads! One thing that has remained constant during this time is the fact that he’s kept his hair long. You know, until it got cut off in recent years.


Can you believe that Superman made his first movie appearance in 1948?! What do you reckon he looked like? The same? Completely different? Well, we’d say that it was a bit of both. While the first Superman created the trend of the red underwear on top of the blue morph suit with a cape attached, he just didn’t have the same effect on his fans. He had no muscles, and his underwear looked more uncomfortable than it did cool. We think that Henry Cavill’s modern suit is much more suited to the Superman we know and love.

Wonder Woman

Are you just as in love with Diana Prince as we are? As our favorite Amazonian warrior, Wonder Woman ticks all of our boxes and proves that she is more than capable of playing with the big leagues in the superhero world. Nowadays, we know her for her armor-like corset, her bow and arrows, and the awesome crown on the top of her head. While the beauty and fierceness of Wonder Woman have not changed since she came onto our screens in 1975, her clothing has. Back in the day, Wonder Woman’s corset looked much more like an everyday garment, rather than one ready for battle.

The evolution of superhero costumes

Doctor Strange

As a relatively new member of the Marvel clan, it’s amazing to think that another version of Doctor Strange was on our screens in 1978. While Benedict Cumberbatch does still share a slight mustache with his ‘70s counterpart, that’s just about where the similarities slide. Today, Doctor Strange’s opulent coat is much more extravagant than the one the old Doctor Strange used to wear. Only the best for Benedict Cumberbatch.

If you’ve grown up reading every single comic book series in existence and getting to grips with all of the movies and TV shows, you have probably seen their costumes change ever so slightly. But what’s amazing is how much they have changed since they first came onto our screens. Some of them are ridiculous…