Everything you wanted to know about Daredevil

As comics fans know, Daredevil is one of the many fictional superheroes that appear in the comic books published by Marvel Comics. However, if you are not a big reader of comic books, you may have seen Daredevil first on the Netflix series of the same name.

Daredevil first appeared in the Daredevil #1 comic book, created by the writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett, which dates back to 1964. Jack Kirby helped out a bit as well.

Despite the character’s popularity, Netflix has pulled the plug on Daredevil. Let’s take a look at the character itself. Here is everything you wanted to know about Daredevil.

The character

Daredevil, or Matt Murdock, is a human who turned into superhuman after an accident as a child, gaining his power and abilities. Don’t confuse this with mutants, as they are characters that have genetically inherited their superpowers.

Our superhero’s origin story goes back to his childhood, where he got his superpowers after surviving an accident. He managed to save a man from being hit by a truck, but while doing so, the truck hit him. The truck was carrying radioactive substances, which caused Matt Murdock to lose his vision – but it made all of his other senses grow stronger.

The young hero was living in Hell’s Kitchen, a working class Irish-American neighborhood where a lot of crimes and robberies happened. His father, Jack Murdock was by his side during his younger years, and helped him through college. However, Jack, a boxer, was later killed by gangsters. Murdock graduated with a law degree from Columbia Law School, with his best friend and roommate Franklin “Foggy” Nelson.

After all he went through, Murdock decided to focus his superpowers to fight crime and avenge his father’s death. He is constantly fighting against Bullseye and Kingpin together with other villains, which change with the comic books.

Daredevil is commonly known by such epithets as the “Man without Fear” and the “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen”. He had a yellow and dark red costume at the start of the comic book series, but later only kept the dark red as his standard superhero color.


Daredevil first appeared in the Daredevil #1 Comic Book in 1964, and by the year 2016, there were four more volumes. Alongside Daredevil’s original comic book appearance, there are several film and television adaptations that tell the story of the fantastic character. Daredevil was portrayed by Rex Smith in Trial of the Incredible Hulk in 1989, Ben Affleck in Daredevil in 2003, and Charlie Cox in the 2014 Netflix series.

There are a lot of Daredevil animations, over ten appearances in video games, and tons of cartoons, merchandise, and toys that you can find featuring the character. Daredevil has proven an intriguing and popular character since he was first introduced in the 1960s. Even though the Netflix series was cancelled, we hope that we’ll see him again soon on the big screen. Daredevil may not be as well known as Spider-Man or Superman, but he’s still an intriguing and much-loved hero with a fantastic story.