Everything to know about the next Spider-Man movie

Even before Spiderman: Homecoming was released, the excitement for the sequel was already growing among fans because Tom Holland had already signed a contract to play Peter Parker for three films. The second part of the trilogy was revealed to be called SpiderMan: Far from Home when Tom Holland himself accidentally revealed it. The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, also confirmed it soon after the incident. The sequel began shooting in July 2018, and its release date is currently scheduled to be in the same month of 2019. While many longtime fans of the series have a place in their hearts for previous Spiderman Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, they are certain the the new Spiderman will be a great addition to the series. Being such a great fans of the series, we can’t wait to hear more about the movie, so here is what we know so far.

The main actors

Tom Holland and Zendaya were the first to be confirmed for the film. While the actor playing Peter Parker’s pal Ned was not announced in the beginning, Zendaya posted a photo of him on social media, confirming Jacob Batalon in the role. Marisa Tomei is also likely to be back as Aunt May. Robert Downey Jr. is reportedly not going to be returning as Iron Man, although there will be another Marvel character to take his place.

Other characters

Rumors suggested that Marvel’s very own Nick Fury will be playing the cameo role, which was later confirmed by Vulture, marking the first time Nick Fury has shared screen time with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Fury’s sidekick, Maria Hill, will also make an appearance as a fellow SHIELD Agent.

As for the bad guys, Jake Gyllenhaal is reportedly in talks to play the villain, Mysterio. Numan Acar has been cast to play Dimitri, but there is not a lot of information about this character. Spider-Man fans and comic book followers claim that Dimitri is the real name of another supervillain, Chameleon, one of Parker’s original foes. Remy Hii has also been cast, although the role he will be playing has been kept a secret. He could potentially be Hydro-Man, someone who has the ability to transform himself into water.

Sneak peak

Behind the scenes show Tom Holland’s stunt double getting soaked by a giant wave, the basis of the above mentioned speculation. The blue screens in the background have also suggested more special effects will added, which has caused fans to draw their own conclusions as to what causes the water to hit Peter. Director Jon Watts also wants a Black Widow and Spider-Man team-up, but we still have yet to confirm and see whether Scarlett Johansson will appear in the film.

What we know so far

It is still to early to determine the plot of the sequel, however, the villain Mysterio has a history of framing Spiderman for crimes he did not commit. The movie will film in locations around the world, and while London has been confirmed, some locations are yet to be disclosed.