Chuck Norris’ best performances on the big screen

So cool he has his own meme, Chuck Norris is an icon of American cinema, and one of the coolest action heroes ever on-screen. No matter your views of his acting ability, Chuck is certainly a name that everyone will know, and he is one of the most beloved actors in America. Formerly serving in the United States Air Force, Norris trained and competed as a martial artist.

It was during this time he formed a friendship with martial arts acting legend Bruce Lee and made a decision to follow him into movies. Now, when looking at the filmography of a guy like Chuck Norris, the definition of his best movies is certainly going to be subjective! So, these are the flicks we reckon symbolize his best work – warning, you may not agree!

Way of the Dragon (1972)

The most notable of Norris’ early movies was the second film in which he made an appearance. So notable because it was one of the hit movies starring Bruce Lee. Way of the Dragon features Norris in a supporting role as Colt, the nemesis of Bruce Lee’s character. The movie sees the two off-screen pals engaged in hand to hand combat at the film’s climax. This was Lee’s only directorial effort, and he cast his friend, helping launch Norris’ career as an action star.

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

One of the most famous movies that Norris did, and one of the roles that have most defined him as an action star, Lone Wolf McQuade is silly, but heaps of fun. It’s basically your by-the-numbers ‘80s cookie-cutter action vehicle, with Norris playing one-man-army Jim McQuade, who seeks revenge against the crime lord who hurt his family. The movie is actually one of Norris’ better outings and was released around his heyday peak of the mid-1980s.

Chuck Norris’ best performances on the big screen

Missing in Action (1984)

Missing in Action is probably Norris’ best-known movie, and was successful enough for a sequel to be made and released just a year later, and a second sequel in 1988. Set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, and following a POW escapee (Norris) who returns to Vietnam to find soldiers missing in action. The movie has shades of the Rambo films, and if you like them, this will most likely appeal to you.

Code of Silence (1985)

What we like about Code of Silence is that it represents Chuck Norris attempting to do something different. Okay, so it’s not widely different, but, it’s kinda different – see cop instead of soldier. Code of Silence is one of those gritty street cop thrillers the ‘80s was so good at producing, and that’s why we love it. This was another of the really great movies Norris made in the mid-1980s, and we definitely suggest you check it out as much as possible.

So, the man and the legend has been good to us action fans, and he has a decent back catalog of thoroughly enjoyable action flicks to choose from. You have to make sure you familiarize yourself with some of these movies. And, if you haven’t yet seen them, introduce yourself to the legendary world of Chuck Norris!

Chuck Norris’ best performances on the big screen